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Rebels Review: Legacy of Mandalore

Sabine reunites with her family and the future of Mandalore is at stake.

‘Star Wars’ At The Oscars

Every Star Wars film (we will gloss over the Ewok and animated ones) has featured on Oscar night, and as we approach the movie award night of the year Yahoo Movies looks at the History Of Star Wars At The Oscars.

Lucasfilm Is Not Casting For ‘Episode VIII’ In Scotland

The Last Jedi is not casting in Scotland, but Marvel's Cinematic Universe is...

Toy Fair New York 2017: Funko

Toy Fair New York 2017: Funko brings us a plethora of products, some seen before and some new.

Rumour: Original Cuts Of The Original Trilogy To See A DVD Release?

It's a rumour that will not go away - the release of the unaltered, non-special edition cuts of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi! But will they be announced at Celebration Orlando?

Big Bad Toy Store Latest News

Read on for the latest pre-orders and new arrivals from Kotobukiya and others.

Toy Fair New York 2017: Spinmaster

Toy Fair New York 2017: BB-8 is almost ready to roll out for us to buy!

Ultra High Resolution Images Of ‘Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary Logo

Check out some really high res copies of the official 40th anniversary logo.

Toy Fair New York 2017: Imperial

Toy Fair New York 2017: Check out the latest products from Imperial.

Will ‘Rogue One’ Get A 4K UHD Release Later This Year?

Fingers crossed my friends.

Celebration Orlando 2017: Rancho Obi-Wan Attending

Rancho Obi-Wan, the non-profit museum in Northern California that houses the world’s largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia, will take Star Wars fans back to the future at its Celebration Orlando exhibit.

Sci-Fi Central: Anthony Daniels The Ewok King

DJ catches up with the fussiest protocol droid in the galaxy, AKA Anthony Daniels.

‘Rogue One’ Arrives On Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD In The UK April 10

Rogue One arrives via home media a little bit later in the UK.

Celebration Orlando 2017: Official Key Art Revealed

Check out the final design that will be used for the key art for Celebration Orlando 2017.

Blu-ray & DVD Box Art, Retailer Exclusives, Bonus Content For ‘Rogue One’

Rogue One is set to take over your home theater!

Celebration Orlando 2017: 40th Anniversary Panel Announced

Fans attending Celebration Orlando 2017 in April are in for a real treat as a special panel that will be hosted by Warwick Davis...

‘Rogue One’ Arrives On Digital HD March 24, Blu-ray On April 4

The confirmed dates for experiencing Rogue One at home have been announced!

Toy Fair New York 2017

Toy Fair season continues. Take a look through our galleries of Star Wars related products at Toy Fair New York 2017.

Interview With Steve Evans On Hasbro’s 6″ 40th Anniversary Black Series Line

Steve Evans chats about the new 6" line collectors have been buzzing about.

‘Greetings’ By Kenneth Colley Now Available On YouTube

Kenneth Colley's directorial debut is now available on YouTube.

Awesome Rey ‘The Last Jedi’ Banner

Rey is front & center in this banner created for The Last Jedi.

Galactic Fashion: Episode 21

Join Johnamarie and guest co-host Jenmarie for episode 21 of Galactic Fashion.

RockLove Jewelry Teams Up With Disney and ‘Star Wars’

New York City based company RockLove Jewelry has teamed up with Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars to create stylish jewelry collections inspired by these major franchises.

Harrison Ford Illegal Landing Footage Released

In a follow up to our previous report on Harrison Ford making an alleged illegal landing in his aircraft, footage shot by an eye witness has now been released.

Leah Adler, Mother Of Steven Spielberg, Has Died At Age 97

A former concert pianist and painter, Leah Adler died at her home in Los Angeles surrounded by her family.

Sci-Fi Central: Mega-Mix on George Lucas’ Creation Ian McDiarmid & Anthony Daniels

DJ chats with the golden one, Anthony Daniels.

New Her Universe ‘Star Wars’ Apparel at the Disney Store

The online Disney Store has two new Her Universe products: Ewok Cardigan and Rebel Alliance Starbird Raglan Tee.

Toy Fair New York 2017: Rubies

Toy Fair New York 2017: Browse through the latest costumes from Rubies.

Toy Fair New York 2017: Asmodee

Toy Fair New York 2017: Asmodee and the latest Fantasy Flight Games releases.

Toy Fair New York 2017: Buffalo

Toy Fair New York 2017: Buffalo and their collection of new products.

Toy Fair New York 2017: Uncle Milton

Toy Fair New York 2017: We looks at the science-focused range of Uncle Milton products.

Sci-Fi Central: Jeremy Bulloch Tripping Over Vader

Jeremy Bulloch chats with Sci-Fi Central's DJ.

Big Bad Toy Store Latest News

Read on for the latest pre-orders including the 40th Anniversary 6" Black Series figures from Hasbro.

Book Review: Aftermath: Empire’s End

A review of Chuck Wendig's Aftermath: Empire's End, the finale of the Aftermath trilogy from Del Rey.
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