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Comic Review: Rogue One Adaptation #4

A review of Marvel Comics Rogue One Adaptation #4

Comic Review: Poe Dameron #17

A review of Marvel Comics Poe Dameron #17

Fantasy Flight Games: StarViper Mk. II

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Guns for Hire Expansion pack for X-Wing,

Jawa | ‘Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary | The Black Series 6” Action Figure

Here's my review of the Black Series 40th Anniversary 6” Jawa figure.

Info On Inferno Squad’s Gideon Hask & Del Meeko From ‘Battlefront II’

The Big 3 of the Inferno Squad ranks.

BBC Radio 2: The Radio 2 Arts Show With Jonathan Ross: San Diego Comic...

Jonathan Ross takes us all the way to San Diego for comic con on BBC Radio 2.

The Metro: 6 Ways The First Order Could Defeat The Resistance In ‘The Last...

How can the First Order defeat the Resistance?

Roundup Of All The Big ‘Star Wars’ News From SDCC 2017

Get caught up on all the exciting reveals from this past weekend.

Product Details For ‘The Last Jedi’ Visual Dictionary

Learn more about Episode VIII in Pablo Hidalgo's new reference book.

Gentle Giant Zuckuss Collector’s Gallery Statue

The bounty hunter is coming in a new 1:8th scale statue from Gentle Giant.

Gentle Giant Darth Vader “Emperor’s Wrath” Mini Bust

A father's love for his son should never be underestimated.

Gentle Giant Bib Fortuna Mini Bust

Jabba's right hand man is getting a new mini bust.

The Metro: ‘Star War’s Books Could Provide Clues About ‘The Last Jedi’

Over at The Metro I look at the Journey to the Force Awakens publishing program.

Prom 8: Celebrating John Williams

With a lack of available holes, the music of the maestro filled the Albert Hall.

SDCC 2017: Images Of Radio Flyer Landspeeder

Check out the Radio Flyer Landspeeder, from SDCC 2017.

The Metro: ‘The Last Jedi’ – 6 Ways The Resistance Can Defeat The First...

Over at The Metro I look at 6 ways the Resistance can defeat the First Order.

More Photos Of Sideshow Mythos Obi-Wan Kenobi Sixth Scale Figure

Take a closer look at this new sixth scale figure from Sideshow.

Death Squad Commander | ‘Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary | The Black Series 6” Action...

Here's my review of the 40th anniversary Death Squad Commander 6" figure.

Full Video Of SDCC 2017 Lucasfilm Publishing Panel

Bestselling, fan-favorite authors discuss their latest stories set in a galaxy far, far away at SDCC.

Fast-Motion Build Video Of LEGO Life-Size Luke Skywalker Statue

The result of 277 hours of work.

Fantasy Flight Games: Man Your Battlestations

Fantasy Flight Games preview the red characters in Empire at War, the latest pack for Star Wars Destiny.

Dorchester’s Second Charity TV & Film Convention: September 10th 2017

Sunday September 10th is the date for Greedy Goblin Con, which brings guests from Star Wars and much more to Dorchester. Greedy Goblin Con, Dorchester’s...

Fantasy Flight Games: The Swamps of Nal Hutta

Fantasy Flight Games take a look at the latest gamesmat for Imperial Assault.

Sky Cinema: Come Away With Us This Summer

Rogue One, now on Sky Cinema.

Hasbro SDCC 2017 Exclusives Pushed Back To September

Fans will have to wait a little longer before getting the chance to order Hasbro's SDCC 2017 exclusives online.

Dave Filoni Shares Untold Story Of Ahsoka & Kanan Meeting Each Other

We learn about another key piece of Rebels information from Dave.

Jason Fry To Author ‘The Last Jedi’ Novelization

We have our author for Episode VIII's official novelization.

Covers & Details On ‘Journey To The Last Jedi’ Titles

Time to make rathtar-sized room on your bookshelf.

An Even Bleaker Outlook For ‘Making Of The Force Awakens’ Book

Will this title ever see the light of day?

Coffee With Kenobi: ‘Star Wars’: It’s About Family

Becca Benjamin writing over at Coffee With Kenobi looks at the importance of family to the Star Wars mythos.

SDCC 2017: Hasbro ‘Star Wars’ Panel Recap

Come inside for a rundown of what Hasbro revealed during today's Star Wars panel.

Fantasy Flight Games: A Galaxy At War

Fantasy Flight Games take a look at the new units and cinematic combats from the Rise of the Empire expansion for Rebellion.

Go For A ‘Star Wars’ Celebration At Farthest From, The ‘Star Wars’ Vintage Toy...

Farthest From is just 2 weekends away.

‘The Last Jedi’ Behind The Scenes On UK TV

kamino_Ghost brings great news regarding The Last Jedi Behind the scenes video on UK TV.

SDCC 2017: Lucasfilm Publishing Panel, ‘Thrawn’ Novel Comic Adaptation Coming

Lots of great publishing content has been revealed.
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