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Building A Three-Quarter Scale X-wing

Check out this three-quarter portion of X-wing.

BB-8 Launches To A Galaxy Far, Far Away.

BB-8 flies off on his latest mission.

Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds Personal Property Auction Begins 3rd October 2017

The personal property auction of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds begins on 3rd October.

Mark Hamill Joins Season Two Of Trollhunters

Mark Hamill joins the second season of Trollhunters.

Fantasy Flight Games: Pointed Questions

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Interrogator Specialization from Cyphers and Masks.

The Metro: What Hints Do The Latest ‘Star Wars’ Photos Hold For ‘The Last...

What do these new photographs tell us about the characters of The Last Jedi?

‘Star Wars’ Collectors Cast : Episode 79

Join James Burns and guests Skywalking Through Neverland & Mark Newbold for Star Wars Collectors Cast, as they discuss/dissect Force Friday II in London and Los Angeles.

Ron Howard Shares Another Wasteland-Type Han Solo Set Photo

Eyes in the back of your head would be quite useful surviving in this place.

Jedi News LIVE From The LEGO House Pre-Launch Event

Join Matt at the LEGO House pre-launch press event.

Ron Howard Posts Unforgiving Set Photo From Han Solo Film

Things look pretty bleak here.

Domhnall Gleeson: Happy Abrams Is Back For Episode IX, Unsure If Hux Is Returning

Will General Hux be returning to the big screen to cap off the Sequel Trilogy?

Hasbro Will Be Attending Play Fair 2017

Come join the fun and excitement in NYC.

‘Star Wars’ The Marvel UK Collection

The Star Wars The Marvel UK Collection arrives, collating a selection of UK created GFFA stories.

Production On ‘The Last Jedi’ Has Officially Wrapped

Work on Episode VIII has crossed the finish line.

Pre-Order Sideshow Mythos Obi-Wan Kenobi Sixth Scale Figure

Place your pre-order for this stunning new figure today.

This Custom Millennium Falcon Is Built From Wood…Yes, Wood

This ain't no hunk of junk, that's for damn sure.

Complete List Of ‘Battlefront II’ Map Locations Revealed

Check out all the locations players will be visiting throughout the Star Wars universe.

Ron Howard Shares “Spicey” Photo From Han Solo Set

It's definitely not pumpkin spice, that's for sure.

Lucasfilm Fan Summit 2017

Back in August, Jedi News were invited to a very special fan event.

TSWS: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4 Viewing Schedule & More

Come inside for important information on the final season of Star Wars Rebels and Rebels Recon.

Databurst From The 501st

The latest Databurst drops via the 501st and Roqoo Depot.

‘Star Wars’ 40th with Tom Smith

Tom Smith shares a funny story about a pizza delivery while working ILM.

Prop Store Pre-Auction Exhibition Gallery

Take a look at the Star Wars items on show at the Prop Store pre-auction exhibit.

SyFyWire: Adam Savage Interviews John Knoll

Over at SyFyWire Adam Savage Interviews ILM chief XO John Knoll.

IrelandWeek In Los Angeles Will Feature Rian Johnson And Ram Bergman

IrelandWeek in LA brings the producer and director of The Last Jedi to discuss the films time in the Emerald Isle.

DeAgostini Build R2-D2 Preview

Iain Lowson takes us through the electronics of Build R2-D2.

Order HASCON Exclusive Black Series 6″ Captain Rex Now

Best of luck to all!

New Images Of Hux And Captain Phasma From ‘The Last Jedi’

And high resolution versions of previously-released Episode VIII photos.

Po-Zu Limited Edition Bronze Leather Resistance Sneaker for Men

Po-Zu release their limited edition High Top Bronze Leather RESISTANCE Sneaker. 

The Sabrecast: An Interview With Joe Corroney

Mark and Louis interview superstar artist Joe Corroney.

The Bearded Trio: Win John Williams Soundtrack Compilation 2 Disc CD

Enter The Bearded Trio's latest comp to win a copy of John Williams Soundtracks.

Report Says December 8 Is The World Premiere For ‘The Last Jedi’

A red carpet premiere everyone will want to attend.

Learn More About Sideshow’s Mythos Obi-Wan Kenobi Sixth Scale Figure

Fingers crossed we see more of these Star Wars Mythos figures in the future.

Is A New Trailer For ‘The Last Jedi’ Coming October 9?

The Jedi Master may have revealed the date for the release of Episode VIII's next trailer.

Rebels Chat, Episode 88: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4 Trailer #2 Discussion

It's time for the next episode of Rebels Chat.
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