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J.W. Rinzler: The Rise And Fall Of ‘Star Wars’

Jonathan Rinzler begins a blog journey through his years at Lucasfilm.

Official Site: Thank The Maker For ‘The Clone Wars’ And Asajj Ventress

Michael Moreci looks at the complicated enigma of Asajj Ventress.

RADIO 1138: Episode 64

Mark and James brave the Mustafar-like heat to bring RADIO 1138 episode 64.

Lucasfilm Selects Ron Howard As New Director Of Young Han Solo Film

Our new director has been officially named.

NYCC 2017: Friday Tickets Are Sold Out

All tickets for Friday October 6 at the convention have been accounted for.

Far Far Away: ‘Star Wars’ Books On A Budget

How to build your Star Wars novel library on a budget.

Does New ‘Darth Vader’ Comic Explain Luke Skywalker’s Exile?

The second issue in this new series may offer up some details on the impetus behind Luke going into hiding.

Fighter Pilots Love To Fly ‘Star Wars Canyon’

Bullseye those womp rats!

Databurst From The 501st

It's Wednesday and time for the databurst from the 501st, via Roqoo depot.

New DK LEGO Book Announced

DK's newest LEGO guide arrives October 2017.

TSWS: Interview With Tom Spina, ILM Mo-Cap Fun, Gentle Giant’s SDCC Exclusives

The team reveals Gentle Giant's SDCC Star Wars exclusives, talks with prop restoration master Tom Spina, has fun on the ILM mo-cap stage, and more!

SDCC 2017: Gentle Giant Exclusive 40th Anniversary Classic Mini Busts

Place your pre-order for these SDCC exclusive busts today.

First Excerpt From ‘Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad’

Get a taste of this new novel.

Is Ron Howard Being Considered To Take Over Young Han Solo Film?

Sources have reportedly told Deadline he is in the running.

Sources: Lucasfilm Fired Directors Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

It appears they did not see eye to eye with Kathleen Kennedy.

Phil Lord & Christopher Miller Leave Young Han Solo Film

Lucasfilm has decided to go in a different direction for their leaders of the next standalone film.

Red Cup: Filming On Fuerteventura

Steve Galloway reports from Fuerteventura and the filming locations for Red Cup AKA Han Solo.

London Film And Comic Con Adds Another Guest

Peter Mayhew is the latest guest announced for LFCC on 28th - 30th July 2017.

‘Rogue One’ To Hit US Netflix July

Rogue One lands on US Netflix next month.

Google Maps Stumbles Upon Millennium Falcon Structure, Delights Fans

Jedi News gets shared on Fox News.

JAM HOME MADE Releases Its First ‘Star Wars’ Crawl Ring Necklace

JAM HOME MADE released its first 'Star Wars' Crawl Ring Necklace.

Michael Giacchino at 50: Friday 20th October 2017

The Royal Albert Hall hosts a 50th birthday concert for Oscar winner Michael Giacchino.

D23 Expo: More Collectibles Announced

More cool products will be revealed at D23 2017.

Farthest From’s 15th Event: 5th and 6th August 2017

Farthest From 15 arrives 5th and 6th August.

Her Universe to Unveil New Products at D23 Expo 2017

Her Universe products coming to Disney's D23 Expo 2017.

Official Site: 5 Spectacular Imperial/First Order Demises

Think it's easy being a Stormtrooper? Think again.

Possible Details On Main Character, Plot Of New Visceral ‘Star Wars’ Game

Come inside for some new information on this highly anticipated title.

Runtime For Second ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer Revealed

A few details on the next trailer for Episode VIII have come to light.

Is This An Impossible Scam?

There have been many vintage card scams over the years, but this could be one of the most unique.

Marvel Comics Solicitations For September 2017

Marvel have released their solicitations for September 2017.

SDCC 2017: Gentle Giant To Start Announcing Exclusives On June 21

Their convention exclusives (8 in total) will start dropping tomorrow.

Exclusive Sideshow Darth Vader Legendary Scale™ Figure Teaser

Sideshow have given Jedi News an exclusive first look reveal for their new Darth Vader Legendary Scale™ Figure.

Official Site: Highlights From LEGOLAND California’s LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Days 2017

James Floyd takes a look at the recent Festival of the Force at Legoland California.

Brickworld Chicago 2017: Second Selection Of Galleries

More galleries come from Brickworld Chicago 2017.

‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’: Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Festival Returns

The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife festival returns to Star Wars: The Old Republic.
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