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Are Standalone Films Being Planned For Jabba The Hutt & Boba Fett?

These might be candidates for their own dedicated film entries in the Star Wars universe.

Ron Howard Posts Shot Of Chewbacca From Set Of Han Solo Film

How you lookin', Chewie?

REPORT: Stephen Daldry In Talks To Direct Obi-Wan Kenobi Standalone Film

Are we finally gonna get an Obi-Wan standalone film?

‘Forces Of Destiny’ Toys Reduced Already

Forces of Destiny figures already hitting deep discount in the UK.

See Taylor Gray At The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Go see Taylor Gray in his latest play at the Edinburgh Fringe, then meet him afterwards.

Could ‘Indiana Jones’ Land Be Coming To Animal Kingdom?

Could Indy be heading to Animal Kingdom for his next adventure?

CWK Show #81: “Trying To Get My Porg On”

Mark and Mike Rondeau join Dan for a fun episode of Coffee With Kenobi.

‘Star Wars’ And littleBits

Get creative and sign up to littleBits.

New Hasbro ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Official TV Commercial

Save the universe with the Forces of Destiny adventure figures such as Princess Leia or Rey!

Author Daniel Wallace Takes Fans ‘On The Front Lines’ Of Epic ‘Star Wars’ Battles

Over at the official site, Dan Wallace discusses his latest book Star Wars On The Front Lines.

The Chase | ‘Star Wars’ Blips

BB-8 is the star of the latest Star Wars Blips.

Fantasy Flight Games: Don’t Underestimate the Force

Fantasy Flight Games re-release the original West End Games roleplaying game for its 30th anniversary.

Sideshow K-2SO Premium Format Figure BTS Video

Check out some behind-the-scenes action of Sideshow’s K-2SO Premium Format Figure.

TSWS: Rian Johnson Talks With Director Of ‘Hamilton’, Making BB-8 Sounds

Today's episode of The Star Wars Show has landed. Come inside to check it out!

Ron Howard Shares Pic Of Imperial Helmet From Han Solo Set

Now where have we seen this helmet before...

NYCC 2017: Thursday Tickets Are Still Available

Who knows when these tickets are gonna sell out? Better act now.

George Lucas Still Offers Input On The Jedi For Future ‘Star Wars’ Films

The Maker isn't totally removed from the future of the Star Wars franchise.

New ‘Rise To Power’ Mobile Game Announced

We now know the purpose of Lucasfilm's earlier domain registration.

‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’: ‘Crisis on Umbara’ Teaser Trailer

It's time to rejoin the worlds of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Fantasy Flight Games: Vaksai

Fantasy Flight Games preview of the Guns for Hire Expansion Pack for X-Wing.

Get Ready! LEGO Are Assembling Its Biggest Set Yet!

A new LEGO Star Wars set is coming.... the BIGGEST yet!

Comic Review: ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Adaptation (2017) #5

A review of Marvel Comics Rogue One #5.

5 Factors that Make Leia One of ‘Star Wars’ Most Inspiring Characters

Becca Benjamin looks at why Leia is such an essential character to the Star Wars story.

Blurb For New ‘Phasma’ Novel Has Been Posted Online

Check out the overview for this new novel that focuses on the commander of the First Order.

Comic Review: Cassian & K-2SO #1

A review of Marvel Comics Cassian & K-2SO #1

EA To Debut ‘Battlefront II’ Starfighter Assault Mode At Gamescom

X-wings and TIEs will be front & center in this new gameplay mode.

Comic Review: Darth Maul #2

A review of Marvel Comics Darth Maul #2

Why ‘Book Of Henry’ Should Have Fans Interested In Colin Trevorrow’s Episode 9

A look at Book Of Henry by Colin Trevorrow and how it may impact on Episode IX.

Embracing Star Wars Creators: Ned Hartley’s ‘Antigods’ and ‘How To Be A Superhero’

A look at Star Wars editor Ned Hartley's non-Star Wars comics from his creator owned imprint Heartless Comics.

‘Star Wars’ Ongoing Continues To Out Perform Marvels Other Titles

As the industry struggles, Star Wars ongoing series stands out from the rest of the comic books. We take a closer look.

Luke Skywalker And The Red Kyber Crystal

Could Luke be wearing his fathers red kyber crystal around his neck in The Last Jedi?

Eleven-Thirty Eight Look At Why Constructive Criticism Is Vital To The Franchise

The team at Eleven Thirty Eight look at why it is so important for the fandom to be encouraged to be constructively critical of the franchises products and content.

CwK Blog: Art, Meaning, and Fun in Star Wars

Coffee With Kenobi look at how Star Wars The Special Editions as a piece of art resonates with us.

Captain Phasma With A Lightsaber ? – A GoT Fan Edit Delivers Just That

Check out this Game of Thrones fan edit adding lightsabers to the Arya vs Brienne spar.

We Join Gus Lopez For An Impromtu Unboxing Of The Latest Addition To His...

Our very own Matt Booker is across the pond in the United States of America, and has stopped off at collector extrodinaire Gus Lopez's home where they carry out an impromptu unboxing.
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