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The Wookiee Gunner Celebrates It’s Fourth Birthday!

Johnamarie Macias, our very own Apparel Editor and co-host of the Galactic Fashion podcast, has cause for celebration today as her own website The Wookiee Gunner turns 4!

New Look For ‘Star Wars Insider’ Teased In Issue #171

Get pumped for Insider's new look coming real soon.

Doug Chiang Talks With American Cinematographer About ‘Rogue One’ (Part 2)

American Cinematographer's second part of their Q & A with Doug Chiang on the production design for Rogue One.

Marvel’s ‘Rogue One’ Adaptation Adds An Artist & Reduces Page Count

Marvel have revealed to retailers some changes to the upcoming Rogue One adaptation.

Dates For Toy Fair NY 2018 Announced

We'll see you in 2018!

Oscars “In Memoriam” Segment Honours Carrie Fisher & Kenny Baker

Every year the Oscars features an "In Memoriam" segment honouring those who have passed away in the past year. This year Kenny Baker, and Carrie Fisher were amongst those remembered.

On The Shelves UK: Disney Infinity Bargains at The Entertainer

Regular bargain spotter Andrew Fearnside has chimed in again with another bargain spotted on UK shelves.

Sci-Fi Central: Roger Christian on the Used Universe Set Dresser

DJ catches up with the academy award winning Roger Christian.

Future Of The Force: Martin Scorsese On The Faded Colours Of ‘Star Wars’

Martin Scorsese gives a fascinating insight into some stylistic choices on A New Hope.

YakFace.com To Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary At Celebration

Congratulations to our good friends over at YakFace.com who are celebrating their twentieth anniversary this year.

‘Rogue One’: Bail Organa – A Moment of Reflection

Bail Organa appeared in Rogue One and Becca Benjamin looks at that appearance in her latest article on Coffee With Kenobi.

The Skywalker Legacy: Walking Between Shadows

Sky-Spanning the Skywalker Saga with Becca Benjamin, the “Anakin Apologist” in her first post for Jedi News.

Fantasy Flight Games: BT, 0-0-0, Hera And Chopper Ally Packs For Imperial Assault

The latest ally packs for Imperial Assault.

Fantasy Flight Games: High Quality Hunting

Fantasy Flight Games bring us the Bounty Hunter specialization decks.

The Running Stormtrooper And His 2017 Plans

Our great pal Jez Allinson is running the London Marathon, and that's just the start of it.

London Film And Comic Con 2017: Alan Tudyk Appearing

Alan Tudyk is attending London Film and Comic Con July 28th - 30th.

Origami Yoda Easy Tutorial

Prepare to fold the Force with this amazing origami.

Rebels Recon #3.17: Inside “Through Imperial Eyes”

In this installment of Rebels Recon, we take a look at the Star Wars Rebels episode "Through Imperial Eyes."

Club Jade: The term “Emperor’s Hand” Is Canon Again. Should Mara Jade Follow?

Could Mara be returning to the hallowed halls of canon, or stay in the wilds of Legends? Club Jade ponders.

BBC Click Shares ILM ‘Rogue One’ VFX Video

BBC Click visited ILM London to chat about Rogue One and discover how the visual effects for the film were created.

Ultra High Resolution Rey ‘The Last Jedi’ Banners

Check out these super cool custom Rey banners for The Last Jedi.

Luck o’ the Force! KT St. Pats Patch

This IS the patch you're looking for to be sure, to be sure.

Leah Adler: A Tribute By The Bearded Trio

Steven Spielberg's mother has passed away aged 96 and The Bearded Trio pay tribute.

Fantasy Flight Games: Bring Balance to the Force

Fantasy Flight Games invite you to discover three new consular specializations in Disciples of Harmony.

These Are The Actors You’re Looking For Episode 7: Oola Talks Filming ‘Return of...

Join Jamie and guest Femi Taylor for episode 7 of These Are The Actors You're Looking For.

Force And Faith: Abundant Life Blooming In The Desert

James Worthington looks at certain fan attitudes over at Coffee With Kenobi.

Tiya Sircar Talks Sabine & ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 With StarWars.com

The lovely Tiya Sircar chats with Amy Ratcliffe on the state of Sabine in Season 3.

‘Making Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ To Be Released October 3

Get ready to expand your knowledge of Rogue One come October.

Report Says 4K Versions Of Entire Original Trilogy Exist

The marriage between 4K and the Original Trilogy has taken place.

Tidalwave Productions Producing A Carrie Fisher Tribute Comic

Our friends over at Star Wars Comic Books are reporting on an upcoming tribute issue for Carrie Fisher from Titalwave Productions.

Del Rey To Launch Their 2017 ‘Star Wars’ Sampler At ‘Emerald City Comic Con’

Del Rey have announced their 2017 Star Wars Sampler will launch at this years Emerald City Comic Con. The publication will include excerpts from many of the upcoming Star Wars novels coming our way this year.

Rebels Review: Legacy of Mandalore

Sabine reunites with her family and the future of Mandalore is at stake.

‘Star Wars’ At The Oscars

Every Star Wars film (we will gloss over the Ewok and animated ones) has featured on Oscar night, and as we approach the movie award night of the year Yahoo Movies looks at the History Of Star Wars At The Oscars.

Lucasfilm Is Not Casting For ‘Episode VIII’ In Scotland

The Last Jedi is not casting in Scotland, but Marvel's Cinematic Universe is...

Toy Fair New York 2017: Funko

Toy Fair New York 2017: Funko brings us a plethora of products, some seen before and some new.
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